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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Prayers in a time of financial crisis

Prayers in a crisis

God of forgiveness

have mercy on us

as in dust and ashes we repent

of our misuse of money

and our distorted relationship with it.

We admit our share in the blame

we place on others for the crisis we are in.

We confess our love of money

which we knew was the root of all evil.

We regret the debt into which we have entered

rather than the debt we owe to you.

In your mercy hear us;

in your love save us;

by your grace enable us to live differently;

for Jesus’ sake.


God of plenty

you have provided so much for us

yet we have sought so much more for ourselves.

We have trusted in treasure on earth

when you have given us treasure in heaven.

We have built on sand

when we should have built on rock.

Open our eyes to recognise

what is of true and lasting value

and help us to invest

all we have and all we are

where true riches are to be found;

in Jesus’ name.


God of compassion

your son worked in the carpenter’s shop

and moved among working men and women.

Strengthen those who have no work

those who have lost their job

those for whom the future of work seems uncertain.

Sustain their families

restore their dignity

and give them hope

in Jesus Christ our Lord.


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