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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Other blogs are available ...

There are other bloggers out there reporting on life in Worcester Park. One of them is The Worcester Park Blog http://www.worcesterparkblog.org.uk/
which has been kind enough to give us a mention. Follow the link to get the low-down on life in the High Street and beyond.

And ...

Peter Wickenden has added a comment (below) about other Worcester Park Blogs, including the Brinkster http://brinkleyroad.blogspot.com, the WP Phantom and Teenage WP.

1 comment:

Peter Wickenden said...

There's also The Brinkster at http://brinkleyroad.blogspot.com, who has been blogging for some time, and a couple of recent start-ups at http://worcesterparkphantom.blogspot.com and http://teenageworcesterpark.blogspot.com. Great to see there is enough going on here to sustain five blogs!