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Saturday, 4 April 2009

... and statistics.

Well, the St John's Blog has been running for just over a month, and what do you know? People are reading it!

Here are the stats from Google Analytics:

Total visits: 609

Total new visits (spending more than one minute on the Blog): 219

broken down as follows:

80 London
45 Ewell
33 Thames Ditton
12 Banstead
10 Wallington
10 Lambeth (nice to know they're taking an interest!)
8 Teddington
8 not identified
5 Croydon
4 Epsom
3 Esher
2 Horsham
1 Poplar
1 Wembley
1 each from Leeds, Rotherham, St Neots, Birmingham, Kirklees, Manchester

3 Europe
2 USA (we're quite big in N Carolina apparently)
1 Canada
1 S Korea (thank you Anne!)
1 Brunei

Thankyou to all our readers and contributers.


Anonymous said...

609 visits - but not very many comments - I am sure the contributors would like some feedback wouldn't they?

Kevin Scott said...

I'm sure they would Anonymous. Over to you ...

Anonymous said...

perhaps more would comment if they knew what to do
we're not very clever at IT it's true
some words of advice from someone who knows
how to set up on google - then see how it goes