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Wednesday, 8 April 2009


After much worry - Louise called to say all was well with the family at the start of their Roman holiday. Louise – Graham -Sean and Laura are in Rome for one week. Louise e-mailed us this picture and reported that they all felt the tremors when the earthquake hit central Italy, some 60 miles north of Rome. From what one sees on the TV screens, it is a most traumatic time for the people of these small villages - Naturally our prayers are with them at this time.
Don’t know, but I am sure that you can just make out the monument of the Vittorio Emanuele off the Piazza Venezia in the background – if you look hard enough!!

1 comment:

Kevin Scott said...

... and isn't that MacDonald's just to the left?

We're all very jealous, Dibble family! Have a lovely holiday.