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Saturday, 11 April 2009


During the season of Easter, Ranil Perera's Untitled can be seen in St John's.


Liz said...

Please can you let us know a bit of background of the painting, ie about the painter, the subject of the painting and what is the connection with St. John's

Kevin Scott said...

Ranil was a student at Richard Challenor School. I first saw his work in an end-of-year exhibition at the school, and was so impressed that I invited him to stage a small exhibition of his own at St John's. I bought this and a smaller piece from the exhibition. I have never asked Ranil to 'explain' the painting, nor has he ever offered an explanation.

For me (and the reason why we have it for a short period in St John's) it presents a powerful and beautiful upward motion, which I easily associate with resurrection, In fact, it's possible to discern cruciform shapes at the lower end of the picture which reinforce this reading.

I hope though that people will allow the painting to speak to them for itself; will allow God to speak them through it. I hope that people will find that the painting lifts their hearts and minds towards God.