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Monday, 15 June 2009

GI GALS!!!!………………….

It was the day that the St John’s Men’s Thing (still awaiting a name!!) took the ladies on a trip of nostalgia - ‘War on the Line’ - a great day out on the Watercress Line - stories of evacuation – what our Mum’s made do with during the war – memories of happy days during times of adversity. Thanks Derek for organising it, we all had a great day….. it looks like Janet and Kate finally met up with a couple of real old time GI’s!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hope the engine managed to climb the 'alps'. This railway was my local when just a little thing and when going up the steep incline from Ropley to Medstead (my village) a second engine had to push at the back!

Anonymous said...

The stitching on the cuff of that MPs left sleeve isn't authentic. Until 1949 all American fatigues stitching was undertaken in double twill cotton with an overlocking loop stitch. This was never entirely satisfactory, but it was maintained throughout WWII.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be picky, but some units in the occupying forces in Germany were supplied during 1946 from a requisitioned factory in Heidelberg. The German sewing machines were not set up for over-locking loop stitches, and so a number of other methods were employed. I haven't got any information though about whether any Military Police units were supplied from this source.

Kevin Scott said...

Thankyou ... Can we draw a line under this topic now please?

Liz said...

Janet and Kate

Were you holding hands for re-assurance in case you were arrested or whisked off to the good old USA? You both look very happy about it though - were they real yankie doodles (am I allowed to say that?)- I am sure Mr Janet and Mr Kate would not have been far away to protect you both.