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Friday, 11 September 2009

Birds of the air...

Marilyn has kindly given us this photo of a church she and Richard visited in Iceland.
There is a breathtaking beauty about the wall sculpture behind the altar and the building dimensions which set it off. But there is something refreshingly about the use of an image outside the usual canon of Christian symbolism - almost a bringing-of-the-outside-into the-place-of-worship.

Could we do this at St John's? What images would we use?


Anonymous said...

on a similar vein...
multi-colour butterflies?

ie. symbolic 'born again' and there's that line about a butterfly moving its wing in one place has effects the other side of the world

not sure these would suit behind the altar of St.Johns, and it would probably very difficult(!) to get something everybody can relate to or like

Maybe art in the hall would work, as a varying gallery/talking points... a few ideas

a big black and white photo of a group of wind turbines ?
ie wind/holy spirit driven, generating power, life force

a mobile phone on a stand displaying God as most frequently called number

Facebook profile page for God, poster size

Challenge the children in the creche or praytime or childrens ministry to produce some pictures
-using images cut from magazines- illustrating their views of God, well known lines from the Bible etc

Kevin Scott said...

Wow! Anyone at St John's want to run with one of these?