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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wow! What a turn-out ...

Thank you to everyone who turned up with spades and shovels on Saturday morning. Although we don't own the lane beside the church, St John's people turn out every year to fill in the annual crop of holes. This year a bumper crowd of 16 people turned out ... and that was before we knew about the bacon butties!


Jesus Hold My Hand said...

What's a "bacon butties?" I'm from the states, and I don't remember ever hearing of a bacon butties.

Great pics in your blog. It's refreshing seeing photos of church members actively involved in church activities.

If you have time I invite you to visit my blog, and a comment would be nice :) Jesus Hold My Hand

Kevin Scott said...

Ah, yes Bacon Butties ... a rare British delicacy! Bacon sandwiches to the rest of the world :-) .

Glad you like the insight into St John's life. You've got a pretty impressive blog of your own. Hope the work in Mexico prospers.

With prayers... KS