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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Caption competition ...

Ah, within hours the suggestions have been rolling in for the Palm Sunday caption competition.

Thank you to Marian and Emma for:

  • You are supposed to hide the Easter eggs not the children!
  • Did you get that pink bike for Easter?
  • When you get your new big bike make sure its red to match your lovely cloak!

And my good friend the Vicar of Hook:

'It must be cold, the Vicar is wearing his thermal curtain again'

And the editor of the Parish Magazine (plus mum):

"The Vicars decision to ride a pink bike instead of a donkey did not amuse the crowd on Palm Sunday!

""The Vicars attempt to flee Moomin Valley got rather desperate!"..." (you need to be on Facebook to get this one)


the transport committee were a bit premature with April Fool...

Not forgetting two newly elected Churchwardens:

Local vicar fails to understand Boris Johnson's Ride to Work Scheme

Man passes Cycling Proficiency Test at 413th attempt.

"Have you seen this bicycle thief? Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111"


The Resources and Finance committee had to turn down the Vicar's request for a popemobile and bought him a pink bike instead.

And one Churchwarden's spouse:

"Local churches continue to celebrate Palm Sunday in a way that has not changed over centuries..."

"The PCC was finding it increasingly difficult to keep the Vicar's kleptomania quiet"

And the Chair of the Fundraising Committee:

I told Milly not to bring her bike!

We really must do this again ...


Liz said...

When they said " On your bike" they didn't really mean it.


"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Church we go....."

Anonymous said...

"St John's is a child-friendly Church. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favourite toy if they wish"

The Parkerilla said...

Father Kevin’s unshakeable belief that Amak Heldo-kios in the ancient Greek texts translates not as “sable don-key”, but as “pink Tri-ang” caused a few raised eyebrows at this year’s Entering Jerusalem reenactment.