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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We exist!

Never mind any debates about the existence of God, BT have confirmed the St Johns Church exists!

A week ago they didn't turn up because they said they couldn't find us.

More cynical observers might think that the engineer never actually left his/her office but simply entered the postcode on their sat nav and didn't find the church there ... For the philosophically inclined the argument goes something like this:

'Not on sat nav ergo doesn't exist'.

The good news is that this time BT (other telecommunications companies are available; trust me, we know) sent out an expedition to actually drive to the postcode and look around. To everyone's relief, what they found was an historic building with a noticeboard saying 'St John the Baptist Parish Church'. Again the argument goes:

'BT engineer has been there ergo it exists'.

Again those of you who have read your philosophy (or those of you who have had telephones installed) know that nothing is quite that simple. The second argument is wide open to the relativist fallacy: 'simply because it exists to this particular engineer, doesn't mean it will exist to every engineer'. And then there is the whole minefield of ontology: just what do we mean by 'exist'?

Watch this space...

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