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Monday, 27 June 2011

The Men's Thing (bless 'em) ...


Trip to Didcot
Great Western Railway Centre

Sorry that some time has elapsed since the last note on the above trip. Here are the details.

Cost: For those who hold a ‘Freedom Pass’ we can get a ticket for £26.40 if we go in blocks of four If you are one of the ‘younger generation’ the fare will be a cheap day return £23.80. Entry to the Didcot Centre is £7.50 for OAP’s - £8.00 Adults - £7.00 children. Or if we can guarantee 15 persons or more in the group we get a 10percent discount. I realise that this looks complicated, but until we know for sure the final numbers, we cannot give an overall final figure as we intend to use all the discounts to arrive at an average figure for each of us so that we get the best overall deal. We would travel from Worcester Park via Wimbledon and Paddington, leaving Worcester Park at around 8.30am, destination Didcot Parkway. There are two trains an hour from Paddington the journey being 40mins.
Can you let me know as soon as possible who will definitely be going, whether you are a Freedom Pass holder – an adult – and if you have children coming by Sunday 3 July

Hope all this makes sense

John: 0208 337 1767
Derek: 0208 337 7368
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