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Sunday, 10 July 2011

News of the World ...

Loving God
You have called us to be bearers of Good News.
Forgive us, if at times our appetite has been for news of a different kind.
Help us to confront within ourselves,
those aspects of human nature
which these recent events
have thrown into such sharp relief.
We pray for everyone affected by the closure of News of the World;
 particularly those who have lost their livelihood
through circumstances that are not of their making.
We pray for journalists and all who work within the media.
Protect them from the pressure
to act in ways which are wrong.
Help us all to pursue honesty,respect privacy,
and to truly pursue the common good
in that which we seek to know and make known.
Through Jesus Christ,
Author and provider of that which can be eternally known
as Good News.
©2011 Industrial Christian Fellowship

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