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Friday, 9 September 2011

People care about the churchyard

Whatever else you hear, people care about St John's Churchyard.
Here's one example. 

Paul Pearce has taken it on himself to maintain the War Graves we are privileged to have. Well done Paul!

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather fought with the 8th Army in Tunisia. He was killed in action, March 1943, and is buried in the cemetery at Enfidaville. His grave is cared for by gardeners employed by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission.

Having seen photos of Enfidaville and visited some of the CWGC cemeteries on The Somme and near Ypres, I thought it would be nice to tidy our own war graves - hence the photo you see here.

There are five CWGC headstones in the churchyard at St John's. I wonder if any readers knew the men - or know of any family members? If so, I would love to hear more about them; please drop me a line via e-mail. Their names are Frederick Fuller, Robert Smart, Leslie Thomas, Francis Tolley and Dennis Gear.

Best wishes to all,