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Thursday, 26 January 2012


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This week all the Churches in Worcester Park joined together for a Unity Service.

At one point in the service, everyone was given a small piece of the picture of Christ. We all came to the front and stuck our piece in place. When all was done there was a piece missing.

So … if you are of that turn of mind, who or what would you say that missing piece represents?


Anonymous said...

But if your looking at it from Christ's view, its a LHS injury where "you're aware that things aren't working (the right hemisphere is doing its job)[church?] but are unable to solve complex problems or do a complex activity. People with left hemisphere injuries tend to be more depressed, have more organizational problems(man management?) and have problems using language(getting the message across through church?)
Better get some strong paracetamol...

Kevin Scott said...

Apologies for publishing this late. It got caught up with lots of spam.

Interesting thoughts!