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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Let all creation dance
in energies sublime,
as order turns with chance,
unfolding space and time;
for nature’s art
in glory grows,
and newly shows
God’s mind and heart.

God’s breath each force unfurls,
igniting from a spark
expanding starry swirls,
with whirlpools dense and dark.
Though moon and sun
seem mindless things,
each orbit sings:
your will be done.

Our own amazing earth,
with sunlight, cloud and storms,
and life’s abundant growth
in lovely shapes and forms
is made for praise,
a fragile whole,
and from its soul
heaven’s music plays.

Lift heart and soul and voice:
in Christ all praises meet,
and nature shall rejoice
as all is made complete.
In hope be strong,
all life befriend,
and kindly tend
creation’s song.

words: Brian Wren

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