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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Maeldune Fair

Well, it didn't rain much ... and our spirits were high! The Maeldune Fair was a great community event and a great parish event. Well done to everyone who worked so hard, and thankyou to everyone who turned up!

Crisis decision time - inside or outside?
It's going to be outside!

The crowds start to flock in

And the book stall does a roaring trade ...

...  while everyone deals with the slight breeze.
It's "Old Malden Has Talent"
They Felt Like Dancing!

Cute or  what?

"One" is having a super time

Boys and Their Toys

One of our jewels and another jewel's husband

It's a Plant!

Fairly Traded Goods with our good fairy


Ain't She Sweet?

Recognise some old friends? The Cordle family joined us for our celebration.

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