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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Men's Thing

Sailing, they were sailing.....

Well not actually sailing, more motoring.

Men's Thing enjoyed a happy time last Saturday. The weather was kind, one of the nicer days, as the men and their ladies boarded the boat  at Westminster Pier for a trip down the river to Hampton Court.  Over 22 people were on board and no reports of any river sickness. 

By the look of the pictures below it was a "Grand Day Out" and on disembarkation people dispersed to explore Hampton court environs, a few receiving welcome sustenance at a nearby Wetherspoons I do believe!


Pensive Mr Eggitt

Name this location

This pics looks more like it was a  "Ladies Thing"


Due to all the exciting events coming up - the Scout  Fair, the Maeldune Festival etc, there will be no Men's Thing in June.  A date for July will be advised in due course.

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