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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Special Sunday


What a Year!
The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second. Cricket enthusiasts celebrated the return of the Ashes for the first time since the 1932-3 series of Test matches in Australia.
The British Everest Expedition's success in reaching the summit of the world's highest mountainThe Government announced the end of sweet rationing .Now, in theory at least, Britain's children could buy unlimited quantities of  pineapple chunks, Spangles, gobstoppers and sweet cigarettes
Kevin Scott entered the world on July 11th.

Franklin's amused!

Being a child of the 60's Kevin "digs" this! (or he might attempt to play it!)

and another present
Traid Craft ladies enjoy the event
Happy 60th Kevin  
and to make it even more special young people from the Children's Ministry did an excellent job taking the service.

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