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Sunday, 22 March 2015

"HELP" Murder Mystery Evening

Set in the Cavern Club

The Inspector PC31 sets the scene: A murder has been committed and any of the ‘Bootles' crowd could have done it -  Yoko Oyes, John Lemon, Martin George, Paul and Linda McCartthrob, Layla Harrisong, Apple Scruffs or Bungalow Bill……..

Bungalow Bill and PC31

Yoko Oyes and John Lemon

Paul McCartthrob, Apple Scruffs,  Linda McCartthrob and Layla Harrisong

Trying to solve the crime!

The suspects getting questioned!

The inspector summarises the evidence and the motives.

The director - enjoying the evening.

David - reliving his youth!

Yoko Oyes,  Martin George and John Lemon

The Full Cast of ‘HELP!'   Thank you all for a thoroughly entertaining evening. Well done!

 Pictures by Janet Flemming

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