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Friday, 24 June 2016

After the Vote

The Vicar's letter to the Parish after the decision to leave the European Union.


Jeff Wallder said...

We need to welcome the stranger in our midst? Are you mad? We are over run by millions of migrants threatening the cohesion of our society - finally people have had enough and gote to leave Europe - and you want to welcome more 'strangers' into our midst. It shows how out of touch the Church of England is with its empty churches. You do not speak for God or Christ who would not demand that we inflict this multicultural misery on ourselves. Instead of telling us we need more immigrants here why don't you do something useful - like trying to clear the late Bishop Bell of Chichester's name after the C of E branded him a paedophile on the uncorroborated word of one person. Now there was a man who was a true shepherd of the people and spoke bravely in their interests.

Kevin Scott said...

Thank you for your comment Mr Walder, which we publish in a spirit of openness. I expect you are expressing views held by a number of people in the UK, but by no means all of the 52% who voted Leave.

And thank you for reminding me that I don't speak for God or Christ although, may I respectfully point out, neither do you. People must judge which of us most accords with what Jesus says. You may well be correct that I am out of touch with people, but I can assure you that St John's is far from empty on Sundays.

As for Bishop Bell, I agree with you. And, as it happens, I am supporting the legal challenge being mounted to clear his name.