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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Women's Day

On International Women's Day I am thankful for the leadership given by women in this Parish during my incumbency; amongst them:

Milly Broome - Priest
Marilyn Burkett - Reader
Beth Owen - Churchwarden
Louise Dibble - Churchwarden
Jane Bransgrove - Churchwarden
Lynn Sanger - Churchwarden
Tatiana Hagan - Churchwarden
Karen Blackmore - Parish Administrator
Amy Chan - Parish Administrator
Sheila Hill - Hospitality Co-ordinator
Margaret Barrington - Children and Young People's leader
Sheila Ellis - Sunday School leader
Liz Sealy - Welcome Team leader
Pat Lovegrove - Committee Chair
Deborah Harris - Committee Chair
Debra Barrett - Committee Chair
Peta Smith - MU Leader
Christine Lees - MU Leader
Jill Barker - MU Leader
Janet Jeal - MU Leader
Margaret Buckler - Flower Team
Jenny McCallum - Flower Team
Kate Ansell - Flower Team
Anne Foulds - Women's Group Leader
Niamh Bickford - Toddler Group Leader
Fiona Bagueley - Toddler Group Leader
Vicky Leddington - Toddler Group Leader
Lisa Down - Toddler Group Leader
Alison Eggitt - Scouter
Trish Brown - Guider
Hattie Bartle - Rainbow Leader
Alice Child - Julian Group Leader
Anne Beales - Traidcraft co-ordinator
Emma Marlow - Safeguarding Officer
Nicki Harris - Safeguarding Officer
Janet Flemming - Christian Aid c-ordinator
Claire Baptista - Cleaning Team leader
Judy Lawrence - Cleaning Team leader
Rowena King - Little Fishes leader
Becky Horton - Little Fishes leader
Karen Hall - Praytime leader
Caroline Spink - Praytime leader
Rosie Eggitt - Head Chorister
Janet Whaymand - Sacristan

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