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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Two Scouts from 1st Old Malden (St. John the Baptist) Scout Troop put their Scout Promise into action recently when they called an ambulance and looked after a local resident. Christopher and Daniel , both 13 and of Worcester Park, were returning from school when they saw Clinton Arthur, who had collapsed in his front garden. While others had passed by, both boys took time to help out. They approached Clinton and administered basic first aid before phoning for an ambulance. The boys then stayed with Clinton until the ambulance arrived and then helped the paramedics transfer Clinton into the ambulance.Clinton, who made full recovery, knew from his local connections that both boys were Scouts at 1st Old Malden and immediately made sure their Scout leaders knew about their act of kindness - and this resulted in their nomination for Jack Petchey Achievement Awards. Each award brings with it a grant of £300 for the recipient's organisation, to be spent in accordance with the wishes of the recipient. Chris and Daniel have asked that the £600 they received in total be earmarked to pay for a special activity for themselves and their 30 1st Old Malden Scout friends - so all their friends will benefit.

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