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Monday, 30 March 2009


You may remember during January I posted photo and text all about how I have, after 50 years! realised, with the expert help of Tim and some close St John’s friends, a schoolboy’s dream - I am building a model railway. She, who shall be obeyed, gave me permission to use the spare large bedroom. I thought it time to let you see the progress and answer a question put to me. How did you make the scenery and the tunnel in the picture? It goes like this - I am now in the throws of creating a small quarry, to add to the military depot, seen in the last blog listing. For this I use some small holed chicken wire, sawn up bits of polystyrene, and a good helping of papier mâché. The picture should give you some idea how I approached the task. Anyone interested in a more detailed explanation, give me a call - quite simple really, if I can do it, anyone can. Will update you soon on the next phase - plaster of paris shaping - now that should have you hanging on your chair!!!

1 comment:

Kevin Scott said...

This all sounds like the secret of a long and happy marriage John :-)