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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Organ fund

St. John''s has a 1903 pipe organ which we understand is a fine example of its type, but it needs a major renovation.

If we can raise the money needed by the end of the year we could save £4,500 in Value Added Tax.

Donations would be very much appreciated. Cheques payable to 'St John the Baptist PCC' can be sent to the church treasurer at 7, Manor Close, Worcester Park KT4 7PJ


Liz said...

How much do we need to raise?

The Parkerilla said...

Its worth adding that if anyone who sends a donation is a UK taxpayer what they send is worth 25% more to St Johns if they enclose a simple Gift Aid form with it which can be downloaded from the HMRC website here.
For basic rate taxpayers there is no cost to them by doing so whilst higher rate taxpayers can gain by doing so as they can claim tax relief on the gift.

The Parkerilla said...

As a follow on to my last comment, who should cheques be made payable to?



Kevin Scott said...

Good point Parkerilla.

"St John the Baptist PCC"