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Sunday, 10 May 2009

It's Christian Aid Week

Remember to be nice to your collector when they call. It's not always an easy job.

And some of them come from St John's ...

Thanks Janet and everyone.


Liz said...

Can anyone beat this - last year when collecting, knocking on a door a gentleman answered and when told I was collecting for Christian Aid and had left an envelope if they wished to give anything (asked very pleasantly with a nice smile) he replied "Oh yes, Christian Aid" went back into the house I thought to get the envelope - it took me about five minutes to realise he wasn't coming out again. Can't win them all can we, but we can keep on trying. A friend at work suggested I returned in the morning with a seat and waited for him to leave for work but I thought that was going too far!

The Parkerilla said...

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Kevin Scott said...

Thanks Parkerilla. I'll get onto that.

Good to have you as a follower of the blog - although we can't match yours for diversity! Where do you get all you ideas? :-)