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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Like new ...

Well done Janet and Brian Whaymand who have spent a couple of days renovating the railings around the Bowry tomb. Lets hope some (rich and generous) members of the family log in!


Anonymous said...

it looks great, and must have taken hours of work, thank you Brian and Janet

Alison Burns said...

Wow it us lovely since we attempted to do this fr our Bowry Family in 2001, and didn't get this far! My Grandfather Francis James Bowry and father Frank James Bowry would be so pleased!!

Alison Bowry

Kevin Scott said...

You're very welcome Alison. We do our best look after people's graves and monuments.

alison burns said...

It's a magnificent job Kevin. I would like to get back to visit in the better weather , as my Bowry sisters and I now live in various parts of Hampshire. I would like more info on these kinds of restoration projects, if there is any?!
With best regards
Alison (Bowry ) Burns