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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The usual refreshments ...

The next meeting of 

The Men’s Thing 

will be on Saturday Feb 20th 
at 1030 

when the invited speaker and friend will be Richard Hoodless. 
He will be giving a demonstration of wood turning 
and a talk on the types of wood used in his hobby. 

The usual refreshments will be on the menu...


ann lowes said...

Did you realise this clashes with Bishop of Southwark's farewell service for some?

Kevin Scott said...

Ann, there are quite a few farewell services for the Bishop. Which one is happening on the morning of 20th Feb? The Kingston Area service is at 3.00 in the afternoon.

Ann Lowes said...

Yes, I know, but the choir have to be there in the morning, although I guess those affected will be minimal.