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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Explorer Scouts win free zorbing day

Six members of 1st Old Malden’s Titan Explorer Scout Unit were awarded with the prize of an afternoon of zorbing in the Surrey countryside. The award went to members of Titan’s blue division, who scored the highest number of points across the term for activities including football, rifle shooting, crafts, and the legendary Titan Olympics.
Zorbing is an activity whereby the participant is strapped inside an inflatable ball and rolled down a hill. The Explorers have wanted to give this a try for some time, and were lucky enough to have two rides each – one strapped into a harness and one hydro-ride which can be compared to riding in a washing machine! There were a lot of screams, and a lot of smiles all round.
Explorer scout Sophie Humphrey said “It was great fun… wet, awesome and funny!”

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